Puppy Care / Quick let out

15 minute visits with your pup or any dog that just doesn't need too much exercise and just need to be relieved while you're at work. Water and food bowls are always filled upon request and all the love they can get! As the puppy grows we will use this time to go over commands you are working on and help with the basic pet training.



2 hour playgroups where dogs get to be dogs! We take dogs to different dog parks in the area and let them run around with each other while also interacting with our amazing team of walkers. We play fetch, tug and chase for most of the time we are out and about!! Dogs build long lasting friendships with the other dogs in our packs and exercise until they can't any more!


Dog walks

 30 minute walks around the neighborhood.  We can and will always try to bring a friend for dogs that still want to socialize . These are structured walks where dogs are kept on leashes. Lunch can be fed during this time and we can also work on any commands you may be working on with your pup as well.